Bolstering Fish Health in the Republic of Georgia

Project Group at Fish Farm in Republic of Georgia

Dr. Stephen Reichley leads this project, funded by the United States Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Services, designed to bolster fish health in the Republic of Georgia. 

While agriculture is a major employer within the Republic of Georgia, employing nearly 40% of Georgia’s workforce, yet productivity and profitability remain low which results  in food insecurity, rural poverty, and youth seeking employment elsewhere. Dr. Reichley and his team are working with the Caucuses Agricultural Development Initiative (CADI) to increase rural income in the focus region of Adjara by institutionalizing support for small and medium-sized aquaculture trout facilities in the Adjara Region, with a focus on veterinary health.

While implementing the fish health and other aspects of the project, the CADI project team will focus on gender equity and inclusion as well as climate adaptation and resiliency to improve the sustainability of the innovations implemented.